An explosion of harmony!

Here's something different, a small chorus with a love of all things 'a cappella', but primarily in the Barbershop Harmony style. The group was formed in February 2011 with the objective of providing great musical entertainment to the widest possible audiences.  We pride ourselves on making each and every performance a truly memorable event as we want you to enjoy the pleasure of listening as much as we will enjoy singing for you.  Our style of music covers all genres, i.e., ballads, upbeat numbers, comedy/parody etc.  In fact, we're really pretty versatile.  So, if you're looking for a sound which can range from the mellow to the bright and breezy, then we're definitely what you're looking for. Email or call us anytime.

General public contact: Charles 0419 354 744

Chorus Members

David Durrant
Col Ferns
Richard Fisher