Do you need a barbershop quartet to entertain in Melbourne or even further afield?

The Melbournaires are proud to host several barbershop quartets which are often featured in Melbournaires performances, and perform on their own for private parties, social and business events, and other special occasions as well as competing in BHA contests. Our quartets are:

  • Boardwalk - a quartet with a growing repertoire
  • Sound Check - reborn with a new line-up
  • Scallywags -just a bunch of good ole.... who can actually sing
  • and others which perform occasionally or are in the making...

Information about each of our quartets and their contact details can be found below. Consider hiring a Barbershop Quartet to provide entertainment at your next special event. They're guaranteed to be a crowd-pleaser, and you can rest assured that they'll provide quality entertainment your whole family can enjoy.

Quartet membership

Singing in a quartet is one of life's greatest pleasures. Would you believe we've known members who have forgone a football match just to spend more time in a musical foursome! It's a totally different experience from singing in a chorus - the same music, but no safety net! What's more, you'll find that you have more in common with the other three guys than matching socks; the experiences you share while interpreting a song lyric, tuning the chords to perfection, and giving all during a performance will form a bond of friendship and mutual respect that knows no equal.


2016, 2017, 2021 BHA Victorian Region Gold Medalists

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Boardwalk is a male a cappella quartet singing mainly in the Barbershop style.       
Our highest ranking was winning the silver medal in the seniors at the 2019 annual national competition.          First formed in 2008 Boardwalk have had the pleasure of showcasing the warm and exciting sound of a barbershop quartet with many thousands of people at a huge variety of events and functions.
General public contact: Mark Unwin

0447 756 775
Area of operation: Victorian Region
State: Vic
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Scallywags, as their name suggests, love to have fun, and surprise their audiences.  Although, a reincarnation of a former quartet, the pandemic curtailed our practice time, but we have worked very hard to increase the range and quality of our repertoire.  We love all the old songs and the new(er)  songs, and we are always willing to try something new to test ourselves.  Comedy is the spice that drives us, and our motto is “Laugh and the world laughs with you – cry and you obviously didn’t get the joke”.  We love performing to live audiences (as distinct from the other sort) and our quartet is available for any type of function
General public contact: Andrew Wright

0418 603 673
Area of operation: Victorian Region
State: Victoria

Sound Check

You won't need any other act!

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Sound Check
Formed in 2009 because we love to sing, Sound Check have a great blend of voices guaranteed to entertain! Successful performances at several East Doncaster Baptist Church fundraising functions, main act at a celebratory dinner for a Chinese Christian Newspaper Anniversary and cameo performances at Melbournaires concerts suggest Sound Check will be great entertainment at your parties, celebrations, envelope openings - any function you can think of!

Our rates are reasonable, and satisfaction is guaranteed! Call us now!
General public contact: Rob Lee

Area of operation: Melbourne
State: Vic