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2018 16th BHA National Convention Results (Melbournaires Harmony Chorus, Phoenix Harmony Chorus)
 Date Posted: Sun, 16 Sep 2018
Congratulations all round to the members who travelled to Adelaide to represent the Melbournaires Harmony Chorus at this year’s convention in both the chorus and quartet competitions. 

Under Ian Lushey’s direction we achieved an average score of 71.3% placing us 6th amongst the 16 competing choruses.  This is the highest score the Melbournaires Harmony Chorus has ever achieved in a national competition.

Skeeters (David Durrant, Tim Lau, Mitchell Hargreaves and Carol Zhong) took out the Mixed Quartet competition third place bronze medal with an average score of 68%. This is highest score ever achieved by a Melbournaires quartet in national competition and sets a new performance benchmark for all of us.

Harmonic Motion (Steve Carnie, Richard Fisher, John Howell and Peter Waterworth) brought home the second place silver medal from the Seniors Quartet competition with an average score of 63.9% - a remarkable achievement with Peter standing in for Lecky Webster with only five days notice.

Sound Investment (Mark Unwin, George Arapoglou, Michael Williamson and Colm Talbot) were placed 10th in the Open Quartet Competition with an average score of 67.5%. Another remarkable achievement considering we have not had a quartet from the Melbournaires in the open quartet finals since 2003.

Honourable mentions in the open quartet competition also go to Sound Check (Tim Lau, Rob Lee, Mitchell Hargreaves and David Durrant)  scoring 63.1% and Fourtet (Will Hessler, Rod Stow, Richard Fisher and Peter Waterworth) scoring 62.3%
Unfortunately with Lecky unable to attend the convention, Boardwalk had to withdraw from the Open Quartet Competition.

Behind each of these achievements there are stories of hard work and difficulties overcome, with some special people to thank for their support and encouragement along the way.   But for now, as a club, we can revel in the reflected glory of a job well done.

John Webb

BHA Vic Regional Quartet and Chorus Competition Sat, 28 Apr 2018 (Melbournaires Harmony Chorus, Phoenix Harmony Chorus)
 Date Posted: Wed, 18 Apr 2018
Please note the venue for the 2018 BHA Victorian Region Quartet and Chorus Competition on  Saturday 28 April  is the Templestowe Baptist Church at 103-105 Anderson Creek Road, Doncaster East. 

The venue will be open from 8am for set up  and the approximate flow of the day is as follows

9:30am –  11am Quartet Competition 
11am – 11:30am Break
11:30am –  12pm Chorus Competition
12:15pm – Announcement of Results
12:30pm – 1pm Lunch Break
1pm –  4pm Evalutions
4pm – 5pm Potential Quartet/Chorus coaching
5pm – End of Day, Pack up and then afterglow at a local hotel

There are 10 quartets registered including: 
  • Fouret, Boardwalk, Soundcheck and Sound Investment in the open category
  • Harmonic Motion in the senior category
  • Skeeters and Around the Blend in the mixed category  and 
  • Cadence, Pushplay and Platinum  ladies quartets in the invitation category
The  Southern Sounds ladies chorus will be on the program before the Melbournairers Harmony chorus in the chorus session.

Please invite your friends and relatives to attend (entry is free) as an encouraging, appreciative audience is welcomed by and generally brings out the best in the performers. 

John Webb
NEW A CAPPELLA SINGING GROUP FOR MEN IN CASEY CITY (Phoenix Harmony Chorus, Melbournaires Harmony Chorus)
 Date Posted: Tue, 23 Jan 2018
 Between the Bays does a Phoenix!
The attachment details  the new rehearsal venue for the former Between the Bays Chorus commencing 31 Jan 2018
Cadbury Chorus with Dami Im
 Date Posted: Thu, 8 Dec 2016
Cadbury Chorus with Dami Im
The Cadbury Chorus took lots of preparation (40 men & 40 women from 4 choruses, singing 2 versions of 3 Christmas songs in 4 part harmony at over 15 locations on 1 wet day in the Melbourne CBD) but it was great fun, we made lots of new friends, Dami Im was a delight to work with and there was plenty of chocolate.
MHC Convention performance in Newcastle Oct 2016
 Date Posted: Thu, 20 Oct 2016
YouTube Video URL:
Young Singers in Harmony - School Event
 Date Posted: Thu, 16 Oct 2014
Young Singers in Harmony - School Event

The Young Singers in Harmony Schools Event was conducted in Melbourne schools between 1 and 19 September 2014. It was sponsored by Melbournaires Harmony Chorus with the support of a grant from Barbershop Harmony Australia, Youth Department. The program was led by Alex Morris and the Mellow Diners quartet.